Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Salted caramel pistachio Macarons

 I don't know about anyone else, but I just the look of these tiny little guys. They are just so adorable to look at! I think I'm obsessed with not just eating macarons but also making and looking at them. The feeling of excitement when I can see the feet forming from these little guys through the glass window of the oven is indescribable. Only if you have tried and failed to make these picky little cookies successfully, you won't be able to understand what kind of emotion I am talking about here.  

Even with this successful batch of macs, it could go all wrong the next time I make it. Therefore, I want to savor and enjoy the fruit of my labor as long as possible.  
At our home, we all love these little French cookies, so I make them very frequently to keep the supply from going under. This time, the recipe for the shells is the same as I have previously posted,  but instead of the usual butter cream filling, I tried to pair the pistachio shells with the salted caramel sauce.  The sweetness of the caramel combines with the saltiness and creamy taste of the heavy cream and butter make me want to dance in happiness. I think it would taste even better if I can pair this heavenly filling with the mocha flavor macarons. Maybe that will be the next task for my macaron quest.

Salted caramel ingredients
100 g granulated sugar
165 g heavy whipping cream
15 g salted butter
70 g soften salted butter
1 pinch of fleur de sal

In a small saucepan, add sugar and let it melts on medium-high heat using the dry-caramel method. Watch it closely since it can burn quickly. When the sugar has all melted and turns into an amber color, remove from heat and add 15g of salted butter, swirl to mix. Then add in the heavy cream and whisk it to combine with the caramel. Return the saucepan to the stove and let the mixture boil for 5 minutes. Pour the caramel mixture into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap to prevent the skin from forming.

When the caramel mixture completely cooled, beat the remaining butter in the stand mixer at medium speed until pale yellow and fluffy. Add in the caramel mixture, fleur de sal and continue to mix until combined.

Refrigerate the salted caramel sauce until ready to pipe.

Before use, leave it out at room temperature for about 15 min until slightly soften. Fill it up in the pastry bag with an attached round tip. Pipe a small dollop of filling onto the center of one shell and top it off with another.

 You can also freeze the left over salted caramel sauce in the freezer until next use!



  1. Hi Katrina! Thanks for sharing your macarons- my mom brought a few for me this weekend and I just had one- delicious! And so pretty. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Thanks Rani for visiting my blog and for sharing your delicious lemon pie. It was really yummy! I'm glad you like the macs. I'll save you some more next time:).

  3. :) Mother's Day debauchery included: cornmeal thyme cookies, Meyer lemon scones and polenta pepper jack cheese souffles. Still digesting... Hope to meet you soon!

  4. YUMMY!!! They sound scrumptious! I'm glad you both enjoyed the Mother's day weekend together. I definitely love to meet you soon too!

  5. They're beautiful but what color did you use to tint the macarons and how many drops?

    Thanks :)

  6. Hi Rachel! I was going for the purple color but I didn't have it on hand, so I tried to be creative and mixed red and blue together. Somehow it came out with this odd color:-). But you can add color you want, it's up to your imagination.


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