Monday, April 23, 2012

BBQ and shredded pork with rice

    Finally we got back to our house after a weekend of busy eating. We have tried a couple of new places in OC, a Thai restaurant in Long Beach and a Japanese ramen joint in Costa Mesa, and they both turned out pretty good.
     My brother cooked for us some delicious "Hu tieu Nam Vang", a Nam Vang style rice noodle soup.
    My mother-in-law made some of her specialties, the shredded chicken rice and BBQ pork. We ate  our heart out and now I feel like I'm  gaining another person inside me after all that eating.
    It was good eat after all so I'm not complaining except I will have to spend weeks ahead of me to get back on my diet getting ready for the summer cruise... sign:(

     Today has been a very busy day as well although it's not about eating, it's clean up time! I've been on my feet all day cleaning, sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing and feeding my boys. So no time for cooking, luckily my mother-in-law packed some of her marinated pork and the shredded pork called "Bi" for us to bring home. So you can pretty much guess what we had for lunch today. That's right, the "Com bi thit nuong trung chien" was what we had for lunch. Actually it was what my hubby had for lunch, as for me I had the shredded pork sandwich (banh mi bi) instead.
     It was a quick lunch since I didn't have to prepare anything except putting the marinated meat in the oven, cooking some jasmine rice, frying an egg and cook up the mustard green soup to go with the rice. In about 30min everything was ready to be served.

     Since I didn't really cook this dish from scratch, I'm not going to post the recipe today. But I promise the next time when I really make it myself I will post it. Well, I hope you still enjoy my quick delicious lunch with .... your eyes :).


  1. Good job chi 2!!! Kudos!

  2. Thanks sis! Still have a lot to learn though:)


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